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February 1, 2009
Thanks to the creativity and generosity of the Teachers.Net community, we offer the following printables for educators to use with their students. Just click and print!

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Dr. Seuss inspired bulletin board idea Color Poem
by Felicia Barra gr. 1

I read to my class Dr. Seuss's My Many Colored Days. We then do a writing activity based on colors.
Here's an example:

Color Poem
White, white, hello, white!
Welcome to a nice fluffy cloud.
White, white let's applaud for white.
A sheep's warm coat.
A winter blizzard.
Yeah! Let's hear it for white.

I have an outline for the students to use. Click below for the printable template.

I like doing this because the bulletin board can stay up for awhile.

Color Poem with printed prompts under the blanks

Color Poem without printed prompts under the blanks

Snowman Poem

Tim Newlin beautifully illustrated a poem passed on to him by Kathleen Carpenter. The results are shared below. Snowman Poem both colored and blackline

February 2009 & March 2009 Calendar

February and March calendars

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