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Lessons & Activities to Celebrate Seuss, Read Across America, Lincoln, Black History Month

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February 1, 2009

Graham Cracker Flag snack
Pretzel Snow People
Cherry Turnovers for President’s Day
Krispy Valentine Kisses

Make a Milk Jug Igloo or appealing Snow people crafts

Seuss Stuff!

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NOTE: It’s easy to locate lessons fitting your themes and topics by searching the Teachers.Net Lessons Bank. teachers.net/lessons/ . We entered “Lincoln” in the Lesson Plans search box and here is a sample of the results! You’ll love them! Honest!

Lincoln Lessons – clickable links

Abraham Lincoln (Elementary, 4 Blocks)

Lincoln's Log Cabin (Elementary, Literature)

Lincoln log cabin (Elementary, Art)

Mr. Lincoln's Way (Elementary, Literature)

Abe Lincoln and Me (Elementary, Reading/Writing)

Lincoln Penny Lesson (Elementary, other)

Abraham Lincoln (Middle, Computer)

Lincoln Index (Senior, Science)

How tall are you? (Elementary, Mathematics)

Emancipation Proclamation CLOZE Procedure (Senior, Social Studies)

Civil War: Atlanta & The March to the Sea (Senior, History)

Our American Heritage Unit Plan (Elementary, Social Studies)

Planning for Black History Month

Black History Month BB Commemorative Stamp Idea (all)

Design a Postage Stamp for Black History Month (all, History)

Famous Black Americans (Elementary, History)

Civil Rights Movement (Senior, History)

"Black Boy" (Senior)

BROWNVBOARD (Senior, History)

George Washington Carver (Kindergarten, History)

Open Word Sort: Black Hockey Players (all, Phys Ed)

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