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Technology in the Art Classroom

Art teachers collaborate on a wish list for 21st century art instruction equipment
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February 1, 2009

Posted by btg
If you could have anything in regards to technology to help you be a better art teacher, what would you buy? I have just been given some money from my school board and I want to use it wisely.

Posted by Joy
Jordan I would buy scanners, digital video cameras, color ink cartridges, some art software, a laser printer, and a few of those digital drawing pads. And this would be during the first five minutes of the shopping spree. I envy you. Have fun.

Posted by Art Teacher
Add to that an LCD projector (some are reasonable) so you can show your students art on a screen rather from a book or needing more computers in the classroom for everyone. Don't forget a good digital camera so you can take lots of pictures of your students at work and of their work. I too envy you.

Posted by Mrs. Art
I would love to have an Activ Board. It connects to your computer and your computer screen is shown on a large screen for the whole class to see. I would use it to show art and do Power Point presentations. It also does other stuff, like work as an electronic overhead. All the teachers (3-5) at my school have them through a math grant.

Posted by BobB
Anyway you can hook a tv (lcd projector, or thin screen tv) to the Internet in your classroom has been the biggest turning point for me. Digital cameras, access to a computer lab, a "smartboard" where you can touch the screen with your hands and change. An overhead camera that points to your demonstration area and puts it onto a tv/projector.

Posted by NC Art Teacher
I agree with other posters, in this priority:

  • LCD projector
  • digital video camera (high quality, with memory card, extra battery, carrying case)
  • digital art ed resources - DVD's/CD's (SRA or Davis Publications)
  • laptop (esp. if you travel between schools) w/ DVD player, high memory, speed
  • document camera (projects any printed image from books, etc.)
  • InterWrite pad (interactive/good alternative to a SmartBoard) I saw an impressive demo at my school - check out their website
  • Scanner
  • color printer
  • digital media software (MovieMaker?)

Posted by appleArt
To add what others have posted: An ELMO for demonstrations -iStopMotion software -Classroom computer

Posted by ImanjinPs
So Appleart, what is an ELMO? I googled it an came up with a manufacturer of presentation devices- but, which, specifically do you mean?

Posted by Greg Percy
ELmo is basically a video camera on a stick that points down at what you’re doing (demos etc..) and sends it for projection on a screen or a TV. Think about the camera view from above on a cooking show.

Posted by CiciNParadise
While it is more in the area of presentation, I use my multimedia projector daily. I create power points, share websites, even show films using it. It makes the images more powerful than showing them on a TV up in the corner of the classroom. I just "earned" a document camera through some technology testing hurdles in our district, but I haven't played with it yet. I am hoping I can create some demo clips that I can put on my school web site for students to review or use when they are absent.

Posted by AppleArt
Greg's got it right. If you look up "elmo" and "technology" you'll find what I am talking about. That's just what we call it. I love it! I can't see using it for all projects but it's great for demonstrations. When I was teaching students how to complete specific embroidery stitches, I used the Elmo to demonstrate. It really helped them. It takes some getting used to. I love when students gather around for demos but the Elmo is a great supplemental tool. Students can practice while you teach instead of "let me show you all these steps and hope you remember them when you get to your table." I'm like Cici- I always use my digital projector which I hook up to my school funded laptop. My agenda, lesson objectives and warm-up lesson are projected when they come into the classroom.

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