Cover Story: Alfie Kohn

Why Self-Discipline
Is Overrated

To inquire into what underlies the idea of self-discipline is to uncover serious misconceptions about motivation and personality, controversial assumptions about human nature, and disturbing implications regarding how things are arranged in a classroom or a society.


Teacher Study Groups: Taking the
"Risk" out of "At-Risk"

The alternative to flunking students is teaching them. That requires teachers’ reflecting on their beliefs, perceptions, biases, emotions, attitudes, and behaviors.

By Bill Page

Can Anyone Learn to Draw?

The "natural born artist" is a myth. Even the best of them needed the motivation and desire as well as the training and time.

By Tim Newlin

Finding Free Art Materials in Your Community

When money is tight in school systems, art is frequently the first subject that suffers budget cuts...

By Marilyn Brackney

The Downside of Good Test Scores

I was teaching the way I knew would get the students the highest grades on the test. Some of the most interesting and motivating parts of social studies were being ignored as I struggled to produce high-test scores...

By Alan Haskvitz

February 2009 Writing Prompts

February sees the birth of jeans, a national park, the Supreme Court, and in Japan they’re throwing beans. And then a cow flew a plane...

James Wayne

In The Middle School

In their desks, in the halls, they yell and talk of school, which has lasted forever in their lives, and will last forever, or so it seems....

James Wayne

Using Photography To Inspire Writing IV

The author of Write What You See: 99 Photographs To Inspire Writing shares his teaching techniques The fourth in a series of articles.

Hank Kellner

Teacher Performance Assessment

The quality of classroom processes is a function of how effectively a teacher guides his/her class, and the goal of teacher evaluation should be to improve classroom processes.

P.R. Guruprasad

How To Help Victims Of Bullying: Advice For Parents & Educators

The US Justice Department says 80% of all students have been the victims of some form of Bullying. It’s time to start "Taking the Bully by the Horns."

Kathy Noll

Unwilling Student Meets Unwavering Teacher

I realized that if one teacher took the time to tell me that I had a future, maybe it was true.

Lauren Romano

Notes From The Jungle - International Educator in Our Time

In this excerpt, author John Price begins his candid and sometimes irreverent account of headmastering in a large school far from his native UK.

John Price

Lead the Class - Teachers as Leaders

I am writing for those of us in schools at which "self-starter" is not a phrase often applied to a student.

John Sweeting

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Teachers.Netters Share Favorite Recipes

Warm up with white chicken chili and old family recipes for cornbread, chocolate gravy, and two skillet meals, shared by T-Netters on the Teachers Chatboard. Bon Appétit!

Who Really Needs Four Years of Math and Science?

I posit that increasing these requirements will increase the drop-out rate. Further, we will witness the demise of vocational education programs and fewer students enrolling in fine arts classes.

Steven Davidson

Teachers.Net Community
IMHO - Educators
Speaking Up

Memo to the New Secretary of Education and John Stossel: American students are NOT stupid.

Collective Wisdom
Technology in the
Art Classroom

Art teachers collaborate on a wish list for 21st century art instruction equipment.

Harry and Rosemary Wong

To Be an Effective Teacher Simply Copy and Paste

Bev Wahl started her teaching career like so many of us did—taking over for a teacher in the middle of a school year. For many first year teachers, this is a doomsday scenario....


Do You Have a Student Teacher?

Having a student teacher requires a delicate balance between encouragement and evaluation.

By Hal Portner

Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers

Test-taking Skills Made Easy

Here are some easy ways to help your students feel relaxed and prepared for standardized testing without creating extra work for yourself.

By Sue Gruber

Teaching Children
Refusal Skills

Children who are taught refusal skills are more likely to make positive choices and refrain from engaging in high-risk behaviors.

By Leah Davies

Promoting Learning & Discipline

How to Be Consistent

Although consistency is important, imposing the same consequence on all students is the least fair approach.

By Dr. Marvin Marshall

The Busy Educator's Monthly 5:
February 2009

Use an artists’ online toolkit to create a work of art; Interactive animal detectives build thinking skills; Myths teach word origins; Teachers without borders close the education divide; Aquatic science resources!

By Marjan Glavac

Advice for Substitute Teachers
Recess for All or Some? and
Keep Teaching the Lesson or Stop for One?

Helping Substitute teachers deal with students who misbehave.

By Barbara Pressman

Coaching the Urban Educator
What Side of the Box are YOU On?

You might be wondering how you let what you want in, or how to help your children to get what they really want. Well, the first place to start is by thinking outside of the box.

By Kioni Carter

Global Travel Guru
Pre-Trip Planning Tips and Traveling to Iceland

Our Global Guru educational travel expert lists important pre-trip planning tips for The Land of Fire and Ice.

By Josette Bonafino


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Teacher-bloggers share their interests and display their various skills and hobbies!

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Carol Goodrow’s "Healthy-Ever-After" Children’s Books

A trio of books that can lead kids to live healthily ever after!

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Lessons & Activities to Celebrate Seuss, Read Across America, Lincoln, Black History Month

Opposing Views of a Post-Racial Society

Written by Author of "Still I Rise: A Graphic History of African Americans."

Roland Laird

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All of the Presidents in Under 2 Minutes!; Needle Sized Art; I Am a Teacher!; How It’s Made: Copy paper; If My Nose Was Runnin’ Money

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