Harry & Rosemary Wong

The Sounds of Learning

Is it possible to be too organized? Can a teacher have too many procedures? Nile Mendoza Wilson began to wonder during her first year of teaching in the United States.

Holiday Special Issue

Christmas Activities

Celebrate the holiday season with an exciting collection of Winter, Christmas, and holiday lesson plans and activities. Submitted by the many generous and innovative Teachers.Net teachers, this batch of December ideas is sure to excite your students as they explore this joyous season.

Candles of Inspiration
December 2008:
This Is Why We Do It...

Sometimes we connect with former students through unusual means, and with touching results.

Writing Prompts for December

Hereís motivation for your students to write, embedded in fun facts and hip history!

James Wayne

Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers

December Survival Guide

Ten Special Management Tips for Your Classroom PLUS Ten Ways to Rest and Recharge over the Winter Break!

By Sue Gruber

Words Can Inspire

Here's how teachers can use words to paint successful pictures that stimulate children's optimism about their future, encouraging positive behaviors.

By Leah Davies

Windy City Top Ten

Parents and teachers share the vision and guardianship of long-term learning as well as its daily tasks. Itís the primary partnership for raising effective and resilient kids.

By Todd R. Nelson

The Busy Educator's
Monthly Five:
December 2008

Make hand washing fun; Native American arts exhibits; Test yourself with online police renderings, and more.

By Marjan Glavac

Advice for Substitute Teachers
No Time to Prepare!

Substitute teachers seek advice about facing unfamiliar content and earning extra money to supplement a Subís low pay.

By Barbara Pressman

Coaching the Urban Educator
Finding the Main Idea in Studentsí Behavior

Don't beat yourself up for not being able to "reach" a child. Chart a course in a more productive direction.

By Kioni Carter


Teachers.Net Recommends
The Kelly Bear C.A.R.E.S. Program

The Kelly Bear multi-media curriculum teaches vital social skills and fosters children's emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

IMHO: Educators Speaking Up
The Economy Is Not A Morality Play

We were impressed by the following post as an especially thought-provoking, well-articulated and civil position on an interesting topic...

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Cover Story: Bill Page

Viewpoint: At-Risk Students

A point-of-view is how one views something; a point-of-viewing is where one stands while s/he is viewing something. December's cover story offers one educator's perspective and insight into effectively relating to at-rick students.


Teachers.Net Archive
Christmas Recipes

Cinnamon Applesauce Dough Ornaments, Rudolph Sandwiches and more...

Teachers.Net Archive

Featured Lesson Plans
December Lesson Plans, Resources, and
Theme Activities

Lessons about Holidays, Traditions, Literature, Music, Writing, MORE!

Teacherís Inquiry Process

Schools, districts, state departments of education and consulting firms will provide you with a myriad of professional development opportunities.

By Hal Portner

A World of Zippers

Zippers hold our world together. Hereís the history behind this indispensable device.

By Tim Newlin

The End of D's and F's:
Welcome to Lake Wobegon

B is now A, and B is for Average. Whatís happened to the grading system? And where are the Fís?

By Alan Haskvitz

Education Accountability Version 2.0

A Letter to the Next President...

Tony Wagner

Promoting Learning & Discipline

Tapping Into Internal Motivation

The foundation of The Raise Responsibility System* is teaching before problems occur.

By Dr. Marvin Marshall

Sometimes Itís Easier to Just Suck It Up

Ah, the joys and challenges of preparing for Parent-Teacher conferences.

Mrs. Mimi

Using Photography To Inspire Writing II

Photographs are wonderful teaching aids when used to elicit responses from the most reluctant students.

Hank Kellner

Parents and Failure

The school is a partnership among students, teachers, and parents. But when parents fail to do their part, the institution breaks down.

Bruce Gevirtzman

Virtual Tour: Classroom Photos
School Photos for December 2008

Jeanine Horner shares her efficient and delightful Kindergarten classroom.

Streaming Video
Teachers.Net Video Bytes

The Benefits of Student Blogging; Unbelievable Water Fountain; George Washington Inauguration; Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke; Flight Physics; Claymation Surrealism a la Magritte!

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