Cover Story: Alfie Kohn

When "21st-Century Schooling" Just Isnít Good Enough: A Modest Proposal

Are we serious about educating students for the global competitive economy of the future?

Earth Day Special Article

GE Project Plant-A-Bulb

GE Project Plant-A-Bulb Promotes Environmental Awareness, Brightens Landscapes With 100,000 Flower Bulbs....


Getting Your Studentsí Work Published

Dozens of sites where studentsí creativity can be shared with the world!

By Alan Haskvitz

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Free Classroom Printables

Thanks to the creativity and generosity of the Teachers.Net community, we offer the following printables for teachers. Just click and print!

At Risk Students: Victims of Miseducation and Failure

At-risk students are victims of circumstances. They canít pull themselves up by the bootstraps - they have no boots.

By Bill Page

Teachers - Healing Broken Lives

Our profession is often confronted with issues of child abuse. However, with time, abuse is impacting children at younger and younger ages...

By Grayson Walles

Get Smart! Doodle!

People who doodle are smart - they pay more attention and remember things better than those who do not doodle. So, let's doodle!

By Tim Newlin

A Dozen Ways to Build a Caring Classroom Community

Make your classroom a place where the teacher spends more time teaching and less time handling student conflicts.

By Susan Fitzell

April 2009 Writing Prompts

You'd be a fool not to tap into this fascinating line-up of daily events from history to get your students motivated to write!

By James Wayne

Using Photography To Inspire Writing VI

What do dogs, teenagers and fragmented photos have in common? All have the potential to prompt creative written responses from your writing students!

By Hank Kellner

Problems With 9th Grade Euclidian Geometry

A 9th grade course in calculating geometry is realistic, provided the student has some basic algebra in elementary school.

By Stewart Brekke

Multisensory/Kinesthetic Alphabet Activities

A to Z ideas for helping young children learn letters and letter sounds.

By Jeanine Horner

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Harry and Rosemary Wong

The Tools for Success

Effectiveness is not a fleeting concept. What it takes to be effective and how to achieve it is known. This month we share with you four successful educators who have seen the benefits of having successful teachers and know how to bring about these benefits.


Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers

Actively Involve Every Reader - Ten Easy Ideas!

Ten instant ways to motivate your students to read... you wonít read this collection without adopting at least one of these terrific ideas!

By Sue Gruber

Promoting Learning & Discipline

Eliciting vs. Punishments

A consequence is different from a punishment. A punishment usually has no connection to the behavior, and frequently belittles or shames the offender....

By Dr. Marvin Marshall

Motivating Children
Low-ability or disadvantaged children and students who have learning or attention disorders must work hardest to succeed. Yet, they often have the least incentive to do so.

By Leah Davies

The Principal Learning Curve

Multiple Working Hypotheses

"If the horse youíre riding dies," goes the old maxim, "get off."

By Todd R. Nelson

The Busy Educator's
Monthly 5: April 2009

This month Marjan recommends a wide variety of the best of the web; from English language tutorials to bulletin board ideas; helpful links to funding sources, more!

By Marjan Glavac

Advice for Substitute Teachers
Tattle Tales and Classroom Helpers

From dealing with tattlers to choosing the right student helper - wise advice from Dear Barbara.

By Barbara Pressman

Global Travel Guru
Tips for Travel to France or Italy with Students

Weíre off to France to study French, and to Italy with a group of students during the time of year when theyíll get the most from their experience!

By Josette Bonafino

Too Much Parent Involvement? Can It Be?

When a parent is involved as a coach to children, itís an appropriate role. When the coach runs onto the field to be a player, thatís when the parent involvement lines are being breached.

Dorothy Rich

Tools and Toys
Return to Sender & The Neon Necklace

This month: a simple strategy for dealing with papers without names and a fun way to identify which students have completed an important assignment.

By Rick Morris

Be Your Own Mentor: Reflect

How to mentor yourself, and monitor your own professional growth.

By Hal Portner

Quality in School Systems

Why do different schools perform differently in the same area? Why does a single school perform differently in different periods of time?

By P.R. Guruprasad

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Teachers.Net Video Bytes: April

Meet Bill Martin Jr. and Brown Bear, Brown Bear; Creative Quotes from Shakespeare; Massive Ant Colony Uncovered! AMAZING science!; Tim Hawkins - Cletus Take the Reel; Lovefield; Dolphin Bubbles: An Amazing Behavior.


Free Printables
Guided Reading in Kindergarten

Kindergarten teacher Jennifer Goldstein generously offers her guide to the various guided levels commonly seen among kindergartners.

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Teacher-bloggers share their interests and display their various skills and hobbies!

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